Sunday, 27 January 2008

Royal Anglian Regiment in Yarmouth

Soldiers of the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment were given a hero's welcome today when they marched through the streets of Great Yarmouth. This was the latest of a series of homecoming parades by the Royal Anglians which have taken place across East Anglia. Just as in Norwich and Bury St Edmonds, thousands lined the streets of Yarmouth to cheer the guys and show their support and respect.
Sgt Chris Holmes said: “We thought there might be a few hundred people but the turnout has been huge. I feel proud that so many came out to see the boys and show their appreciation for what we have done.”
The Mayor of Great Yarmouth said: "I was filled with immense pride to see the Regiment march through the streets of Great Yarmouth. This was a pride I shared with all the other residents of the Borough, who turned out in such numbers to celebrate the return of our heroes.”

Well done Yarmouth! Well done The Vikings!
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