Wednesday, 2 January 2008

MoD's lavish lifestyle

Here we go again! It's been reported in today's Telegraph that the MoD has been spending £thousands on "art" to decorate its Whitehall offices, has bought 3,150 chairs at £1,000 each and has spent £348,000 on 134 widescreen TVs! They've really got their priorities sorted, then: "we'll lounge around in our comfy chairs comtemplating art and watching TV and don't give a **** about leaking barracks and equipment shortages in the frontline".
Over the next decade, the MoD will be spending more than £75,000 for each top official at their Whitehall HQ on refurbishments; compare this with the £25,000 per head it is budgeting to spend on repairs to soldiers’ living quarters.
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Link> The Times: MoD spends £2.3bn on Whitehall offices