Friday, 11 January 2008

MoD stock condition survey - no surprises here!

The latest condition survey on the accommodation being provided for the Armed Forces paints a picture which will come as no surprise following previous revelations about the sub-standard quality of Britain's military housing stock.
The Ministry of Defence's own figures show that half of unmarried service personnel live in sub-standard military accommodation. Of the 165,0000 bedspaces of single living accommodation provided by the MoD worldwide:
  • More than 80,000 bedspaces (48.5%) received the lowest rating - category 4
  • Another 28,200 bedspaces (17%) fall into the second lowest - category 3
  • 19,000 bedspaces (11.5%) are graded category 2
  • Only 38,100 (23%) are in category 1

This is at a time when the MoD is paying rent on 8,253 unoccupied properties. 20% of married quarters are standing empty costing the MoD £28.7million a year. This largesse is being handed over to the private housing company which took over the properties when they were sold off by the Tories: that was a good deal then, wasn't it?
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Some good news: a £7.8million refurbishment programme is underway at the Royal School of Signals' Blandford Camp in Dorset.
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