Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Iraqi interpreters: betrayal brings dishonour on UK

Iraqi interpreters who risked their lives working for the British Forces are being abandoned to their fate by the Ministry of Defence. Up to 100 interpreters have already been assassinated in Basra and many hundreds now live in fear of retaliation for the service they have given to Britain.
As the British Army winds down its involvement in Iraq, the many interpreters who provided invaluable help to the troops have been seeking asylum in the UK for themselves and their families.
The Labour Government introduced a special settlement scheme which was designed to grant Iraqi interpreters safe haven in the UK. But like so many of this Government's "pledges", this scheme has proven to be just another PR smokescreen, the hopes raised being callously jettisoned as the Government turns its back on the desperate applicants.
Out of 700 who have now applied through the MoD for the special settlement scheme, 300 have been rejected and only 170 have been found eligible; the rest are awaiting a decision.
On the one hand, the Government is permitting hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the UK coming from God-knows-where, who have done sod-all for Britain and who can't even speak the language. And on the other hand it is slamming the door on people who have provided loyal service to British Forces and who through their work have probably saved the lives of many British servicemen.
Brown and the Labour Government are yet again displaying their lack of moral integrity; they are indifferent to the damage they are causing to Britain's national pride and international reputation.