Friday, 11 January 2008

Commemoration Services announced for Bosnia and NI

The Ministry of Defence has announced that commemoration services will be held later in the year to acknowledge the work done by the Armed Forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in Northern Ireland. Derek Twigg, Under Secretary of State for Defence, said: "The two services will also be a time to pay tribute to those service personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice in bringing stability, security and peace to these countries."

On 22nd May 2008 a service will be held at the Armed Forces Memorial in Staffordshire to honour the members of the Armed Forces who served in Bosnia, especially the 55 servicemen who lost their lives and the many others who were wounded during the 15 year deployment which was eventually to bring peace to the former Yugoslav republic.

On 10th September 2008 a commemoration service will be held in St Paul's Cathedral in honour of the 763 service personnel who were killed in Northern Ireland, those who were wounded and the many thousands of servicemen and women who served in the Province since 1969.