Sunday, 23 December 2007

It's THE SUN wot done it!

Of all the British newspapers, The Sun has been the most influential in galvanising public support behind the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and in coming up with initiatives aimed at boosting the morale of the troops in the frontline. Some recent examples of this commitment to our Armed Forces are given below.

Help for Heroes
The Sun has been a major backer of the Help for Heroes campaign to raise money to provide extra care and facilities for troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Sun has been instrumental in raising £thousands for the fund: £471,000 at the last count.
Link> Please help our brave heroes
Link> Stars' £23,000 for Our Boys

Video messages
The Sun has provided a channel through which troops serving in Iraq and Afghan can send video messages to their families back home and families and friends can send video from over here to over there
Link> Christmas cheer from Our Boys
Link> Xmas greetings for Our Boys

Free phone calls
Following an approach from The Sun, the military satelite company Paradigm is providing free phone calls home for all 14,500 service personnel currently serving overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia etc saving them £129,000 in total.
Link> Free phone time for Our Heroes

Messages to the troops
The Sun has provided a message board so that families, friends and the general public can post Christmas messages to the troops serving in the frontline.
Link> Xmas greetings for Our Boys

Morale boosting schemes

Promoting the good work that the Armed Forces are doing
Unlike many British papers which run down the achievements of the guys on the ground, The Sun regularly has articles which emphasise the good work that is being done in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Well done, THE SUN!