Sunday, 30 December 2007

British Infantryman - Person of the Year

Colonel Tim Collins, commander of the 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment during the invasion of Iraq, 2003, was asked by the Sunday Telegraph to nominate the Person of the Year 2007; his answer:
"The British Infantryman is my person of the year. Delivering everything asked of him and more, for the poor pay he receives, these volunteers are quite the best ambassadors our nation have. Courteous, humorous, courageous and faithful, they ooze self-confidence and professionalism. The quality shines through whether they be crusted in dust as they leather the Taliban — to the amazement and envy of the aggressive camping organisations the Europeans call armies — or acting as a prop for some shabby politician attempting to share their popularity. Their wry grin shines through. They are the human ramparts behind which our nation can indulge itself in safety."

Link> The Telegraph: Person of the year