Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Soldiers forced to pay massive insurance premiums

The current MoD compensation scheme is so inadequate that UK soldiers are having to take out private insurance to cover risk of injury when on operations.
The rising death and injury tolls in Iraq and Afghanistan have now led AIG, who run the MoD recommended PAX insurance scheme, to put up the premiums paid by servicemen by a massive 160%; for a family man the premium is now almost £1,000 per year.
Not only that...... because of the high cost of personal equipment (approx £5,000), servicemen are also encouraged to take out additional insurance to cover their kit; that's a further £270 per year.
So that's £1,270 out of a net salary of £12,000 - more than a month's pay! Soldiers are putting their lives at risk and having to pay for the privilege!

An unnamed lieutenant-colonel told the Sunday Times: "Young soldiers on little more than a grand a month after tax are having to buy insurance simply because the compensation that the MoD provides is so inadequate."

If the MoD itself can't provide adequate compensation, then they should be paying the troops' insurance premiums! Perhaps they could be funded from the top brass' £5m entertainment budget or perhaps from the £2billion the bureaucrats are spending on refurbishing their own Whitehall offices.

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