Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Poppy Appeal launched

The Royal British Legion has today launched its 2007 Poppy Appeal with a series of posters aimed at drawing attention to injured service personnel and the plight of bereaved families. The increase in the numbers of troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq explains why the RBL is experiencing a significant rise (up 30%) in the number of under 35s seeking their help. This increase also reflects the extent by which the Government is failing to live up to its duty of care to the armed forces. Our troops and their families should not need to depend on the services provided by charitable organisations however good they may be. The military covenant, formalised in 2000 but in de facto existence for decades before that, should ensure that the injured and bereaved are well taken care of by the State - as of right. By their sacrifices British service personnel are honouring their side of the contract; when will the British Government honour theirs?